Sunday, 13 May 2012

Theatre (Tinguely Fountains)

More Information
Location: Theatre forecourt / Steinberg / Klostergasse Artist: Jean Tinguely In operation since: 1977 listed: no
History / Description: The Carnival Fountain stands on the site, had earlier found the stage where the old town theater. Jean Tinguely took pieces of the old theater and formed so that the ten figures. You have the following names: "dr theater head", "d" spider "," dr waggler ',' d 'Fontääne "," dr splashes "," dr young wine "," dr Wäädel "," dr Schuufler "," s 'Seechter "and" dr Querpfyffer ". The well is operated at low power and was a gift to mark its 50th anniversary of Migros.

Special: On 14 June 2002, the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fountain a great celebration. On the edge of the pool were innumerable torches, the water in the impressively reflected. This fiery, there were 25 gun salute. This fire spell would certainly like Jean Tinguely. Every now and then even a duck comes to visit. The ice is a big burden on the figures. In winter 1982/83 individual figures were shattered by the force of the ice into dozens of pieces. For this reason, the figures were reinforced with supports to prevent damage by ice as possible to keep within limits.

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