Sunday, 12 May 2013

Museum Tinguely



location: Bäumlihofstrasse / Hirzbrunnenstrasse
Artist: Otto Roosin operation since: 1936
under monument protection: no
History / Description: On the square column is a cast bronze raven. The fountain is located in the Hirzbrunnen-district, which is characterized by one-and two-story townhouses. Beginning of the 1930s, the neighborhood received its present name. It is not clear why the district at that time was given this name. Today we hear two different versions: "Hirz" is an old word for deer and maybe it was here used to be a source where deer drank or region was in possession of the inn "Zum Hirzen".
Special: The Hirzbrunnen-quarters adjacent to the city municipality of Riehen Basel and Germany.

Thursday, 9 May 2013




Location: Utengasse 32 (next to the Cantonal Employment Office)
Artist: Jakob Probst (figure)
in operation since: 1932
under monument protection: no
History / Description: The stone sculpture called "Faun with animals." It stands on a raised rectangular wall. The building and the fountains have an identical color. Already in 1284 (!) has received its present name, the Utengasse.
Special features: The narrow lane is marked on both sides by old houses.



Location: Clara Place / Page Rebgasse, bus lines 31/34 
Artist: Wilhelm Gerstel 
in operation since: 1954 
listed since: no 
History / Description: The water trough has no less than sixteen corners. Each second trough wall is provided with an image. It is a stone picture book for children. The plastic on the fountain column shows a girl in Black Forest costume. The fountain should be in the sign of human help after the second world war. The figure represents the symbol for charitable assistance with the flower in her right hand and was donated by the Baden neighborhood. 

Oberer Rheinweg (Reverenzgässlein)

In operation: 1901 (Basilisk Brunnen 21)

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