Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Grellingerstrasse 21

Emanuel Büchel-Strasse 1

Karl Barth-Platz

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Andreas Heusler-Strasse 41

Sankt Jakob-Strasse 26

Special: It is yet another dolphin fountain in Basel (wells leaders Reference 22 ) but it has a different shape.

Sankt Jakobs-Strasse 59

Basilisk No. 5 - 1902

Klybeckstrasse 1

Kasernenstrasse 23

Klingentalgraben 28

The second trough is non-working and half is missing.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Hammerstrasse 91

Special: In Basel, there are a total of three wells called the "Swan Fountain" (well guide references: 113 / 114 ).

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Claramatte Bandstand

Ackerstrasse 18

 Location: Courtyard from the island schoolhouse / Inselstrasse 45 (go through a gate)
Artist: Alexander Zschokke
in operation since: 1924
conservation: no
History / Description: The bronze sculpture shows a boy who is cowering on the fountain column. The trough has the shape of a four-leaf clover. 
Special: The fountain can be visited only on weekdays during the day (at school operation).

Altrheinweg 84

Location: Corner Altrheinweg / Acker Street

Friedhofgasse 10


Special: Nearby is the "triangle". This is a metal pylon, which is to highlight the intersection between the Swiss, German and French border. There you have the opportunity to take in some port air. 

Mulheimerstrasse 186

Special: The Horburgpark invites you to linger.


Klybeckstrasse 240

Basilisk No. 3 - 1898