Saturday, 4 February 2012


Comments: Dated 1866. Next to a wall mounted sundial
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Location: Leonhardskirchplatz
Artist: Urs Bargetzi 
In operation since: 1866 
listed: no
History / History: From the octagonal fountain pillar stands a gargoyle. The fountain and its contents to overflow into the Sudeltrog is also octagonal. The fountain is named after the house, "the Mount of Olives," the presbytery to which he leans. He is now in place since 1866 and has also been renovated several times.
Special: This is an ideal starting point for a walk in the old town of Basel.


Comments: Supposedly the sight of the original basilisk cave.
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Location: Gerber Alley / Gerbergässlein (next to the ramp toward Barfüsserplatz / easily hidden) Artist: Paul Siegfried (text)
In operation since: 1925
listed: no 
History / Description: The well has a low rectangular trough. The text (see below) is about a basilisk, which according to legend is said to have lived in Gerber hole. Brunn in 1284 a source at the former Gerber mountain was mentioned.
Special: If you go up the ramp, turn left and a few steps away, the little streets are narrower and narrower.



Comments: Dated 1837.
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Location: Corner of Münsterberg / Freiestrasse Artist: Melchior Berri
In operation since: 1837
listed: no 
History / Description: The second name "Spittelsprung Fountain" from the 13 Century, because at that time Spittelsprung (now Münsterberg) was home to a hospital. The trough has the shape of a square. In the column four water-spouting basilisks are attached. At the top of the column three dolphins holding a trident.
Special features: The free road is dominated by shops of all kinds