Saturday, 17 March 2012


Comments: Alexander Zschokke 1894-1981, M├Ądchen, Direktauftrag IWB 1949.
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Location: Winkelried space / Dornacherstrasse
Artist: Alexander Zschokke
In operation since: 1949
listed: no 
History / Description: The bronze sculpture shows a girl with outstretched arm. Left and right is on the edge of the well each one wasserspeiendes fish. In the middle of the basin, it also has a small "fountain". The watering trough is more square and topped with stone slabs.
Special: The place is Winkelried Arnold von Winkelried dedicated, is said to have initiated in 1386 at the Battle of Sempach and his courageous efforts to win the Confederation of Duke Leopold III of Austria.

Magarethenpark (Basel-Stadt Border)

Comments: Commissioned 1955.
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Location: The Margaret Park (walk through a gate) / input Frobenstrasse
Artist: P. Moillet 
In operation since: 1955 
listed: no
History / Description: The round well is marked by a stone sculpture. It provides the Loreley (a Rheinnixe the German legend) portraying the head she supports with both hands and her fish tail is erect. Two wells in the self-mounted fish spit water over them.
Special: The fountain is on the floor of the parish Binningen, which belongs to the canton of Basel-Country. This area was once part of a large estate, acquired by the Canton Basel-Stadt in 1896 by the Canton Basel-Country. In 1897 there was opened to the public.