Thursday, 14 May 2015

Solitude Prommenade

Location: Solitude Park / Solitude-Promenade
Artist / in: Unspecified
In operation since: before 1936 (since 1936 at this location)
a listed building: no
History / Description: The water trough, whose side walls are decorated with various patterns, has a somewhat unusual form. The fountain column, from which protrudes a gargoyle is a plate on which a ball is completed. The fountain was previously in an estate on the Riehenstrasse.
Special: In Solitude Park is a large children's playground. At this park borders the generous Paul Sacher-Anlage. A few meters away is the world-famous Tinguely Museum.


Location: corner Grenzacherstrasse / Fischerweg
Artist / in: Unspecified
in operation since: 1913
a listed building: no
History / Description:Fischweg fountain is a wall fountain. He has a small rectangular trough, standing on two stone pillars. To the gargoyle has an ornament.
Special: The fountain is located near the bus station "Rosengartenweg" so you can bridge the waiting time with a fountain splashing sitting. (But you should better make a little earlier than necessary on the way to the stop, otherwise there is a danger that the bus did not even stop. Except, of course, considering the "fountain sound" would like to enjoy a little while longer.)

Oberer Rheinweg

Location: Upper Rheinweg / Waisenhausmauer (Mean to Wettsteinbr├╝cke towards the bridge) 
Artist: Rudolf M├╝ller 
in operation since: 1920 
a listed building: no 
History / Description: On the water trough are shown dancing figures. The water flows out of the mouth of a stone girl's head, which is attached directly to the wall of the orphanage. 
Special: From here you can continue to walk on the Rhine promenade in either direction Tinguely Museum or the triangle.