Saturday, 11 January 2014

Erlenparkweg, Kinder Autobahn

Location: Lange Erlen / Erlenparkweg (at WC Cottage / children-highway)
Artist / in: no details
in operation since: no details
conservation: no
History / Description: The fountain made of stone leans directly to the small building. The gargoyle protruding from the wall and is decorated with a bronze mold. 
Special: In the Lange Erlen it has still a floodplain forest, which is used for drinking water treatment. The forest is also a popular recreation area, which is supplemented by the zoo "Lange Erlen". Near the main entrance, it also has a restaurant and a bandstand, where making music from time to time.

Pumping Station Lange Erlen Woods

Pumping Station Lange Erlen Schorenweg 150

Location: Schorenweg 150 / pumping station "Lange Erlen" (go through a gate)
Artist / in: no details
in operation since: no details
conservation: no
History / Description: The fountain has a round pool and a gargoyle. He stands in front of the pumping station "Lange Erlen", from where the finished drinking water is pumped into the pipeline network. The water is in pipes having a diameter of 40 - 100 cm, as a ring line pumped have 100 cm through the city. Connected to this are, among others, the two reservoirs on the Bruderholzstrasse (see fountain leader references 94 / 135 ).
Special: The well is located on a small children's playground. It is a long walk from the bus stop to the fountain needed.

Pumping station Lange Erlen

Location: Pumping station Lange Erlen, before groundwater wells
Artist / in: no details
in operation since: 1881/1930 (renovated) 
conservation: no
History / Description: The floor fountain is the predecessor of the basilisk-series wells . He could but in the 1880s, the population is not convincing. Therefore, at that time, a new competition was announced, the successful basilisk fountain brought forth as the winner.
Special: The fountain can be visited only on weekdays during the day.

St. Alban-Rheinweg

Location: St. Alban-Rheinweg / Old boat station (near the Rheinbad "Breite")
Artist / in: no details
in operation since: 1913
conservation: no
History / Description: For the construction of the Breite-Bad fountain sandstone was used. The fountain inspired by the seawall on both sides. The fountain protruding from the mouth of a stone mask. 
Special: The fountain stands near the Rheinbad "Breite", which was built in 1898. Here you can be protected from ships and piers, swim in the Rhine.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Location: Corner Reinacherstrasse / Hechtliacker

Reinacherstrasse / Dornacherstrasse

The mural was added sometime between 2003 and 2012.

Banhof SBB