Friday, 18 May 2012

Sankt Alban-Anlage (UBS)



Heumattstrasse (BIS-SBB)

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Location: Corner of Heumattstrasse / Nauenstrasse
Artists / in: no information (Building designed by Mario Botta)
In operation since: 1977 (May)
listed: no
History / Description: The Gargoyle is in the middle of this broad landscaped fountain, which has been taken with the opening of the BIS building in 1977.
Special: The Fountain has been receiving regular visits from ducks for years.



Thursday, 17 May 2012


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Location: Klingelbergstrasse 80/82 artist / in: no information listed below: not specified in operation since no
story / Description: This fountain made ​​of stone is probably the longest rectangular fountain in the city. A gargoyle sticking out of a triangular "column of the fountain." Special: In the background is the Institute for Physics, where observations and measurements of natural phenomena and quantitative relationships mathematically formulated laws and principles can be traced.

Sankt Johanns-Ring

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Location: Corner of Middle Street / St. Johanns-Ring Artist: Urs Bargetzi In operation since: 1864 listed: no
History / Description: The eye clinic has been well established 1864 The column sticking out of the four gargoyles stands in the middle of the slightly square fountain. Well first of these was at the Malzgasse. Since 1955 he has been stationed at the eye hospital. Special: Since 1877, the eye hospital at its current location at home.


Dated 1914.
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Location: Corner Hospital Street / William Street
Artists / in: no information
In operation since: not available (1914 on backplate of spigot)
listed: no 
History / Description: A gargoyle sticking out of the well column, in the above is a sculpture made ​​of bronze. At the height of the gargoyle is a plaque attached. The well is Gustav von Bunge (1844 - 1920) dedicated. He was a physician and professor of medicine, physiology (study of the life processes in organisms) at the University of Basel. Through his social commitment, he was founder of the temperance movement (abstinence, such as alcohol). He delivered his inaugural lecture, not a medical professional problem, but about alcoholism.
Special features: In addition to the water trough in a choice between seats.


Twin of Tellplatz

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Location: Corner of Middle Street / Klingelbergstrasse Artists / in: no information
In operation since: 1867 listed: no 
History / Description: The plastic cast iron shows a boy who was riding on a dolphin and blowing into a Triton shell. The stream of water flowing out of the water spout, which protrudes from the mouth of the dolphin. The watering trough is provided with uniform relief.
Special: The same plastic is also on the "Tellplatz Fountain" (Fountains reference: 127).


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Sunday, 13 May 2012


In operation since: ca. 2012


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Vogesenplatz 2

In operation since 2011

Vogesenplatz 1

In operation since 2011


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Location: Corner of Kannenfeldstrasse / St. Johanns-Ring (Burgfelderplatz / before the Cantonal Laboratory) Artists / in: no information In operation since: not available listed: no
History / Description: The back of the fountain trough leaning against a wall that has been created especially for the well. The fountain column is crowned by a bullet. The laboratory was founded in 1893. It analyzes and monitors food and consumer goods. Other areas of the laboratory, soil protection and the monitoring of radioactivity. Special: This is a small center with various shops.

Theatre (Tinguely Fountains)

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Location: Theatre forecourt / Steinberg / Klostergasse Artist: Jean Tinguely In operation since: 1977 listed: no
History / Description: The Carnival Fountain stands on the site, had earlier found the stage where the old town theater. Jean Tinguely took pieces of the old theater and formed so that the ten figures. You have the following names: "dr theater head", "d" spider "," dr waggler ',' d 'Fontääne "," dr splashes "," dr young wine "," dr Wäädel "," dr Schuufler "," s 'Seechter "and" dr Querpfyffer ". The well is operated at low power and was a gift to mark its 50th anniversary of Migros.

Special: On 14 June 2002, the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the fountain a great celebration. On the edge of the pool were innumerable torches, the water in the impressively reflected. This fiery, there were 25 gun salute. This fire spell would certainly like Jean Tinguely. Every now and then even a duck comes to visit. The ice is a big burden on the figures. In winter 1982/83 individual figures were shattered by the force of the ice into dozens of pieces. For this reason, the figures were reinforced with supports to prevent damage by ice as possible to keep within limits.