Saturday, 20 October 2012

Spalentorweg 4

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Location: Spalentorweg 
Artist / in: not available
In operation since: Unspecified (Dated 1864 on the column)
listed: no
History / Description: The fountain has an octagonal trough. For the fountain column, the above is decorated with various patterns, projects a gargoyle.
Special: It is across the street from the imposing Spalentor, which belonged to the city walls of Basel 1400. At the front gate, it once had a drawbridge that crossed a ditch that is still present. Unfortunately, the area of the trench, about which a landscaped path leads, in recent decades - due to road construction - has become steadily smaller, but a piece has been preserved for posterity.

Steinengraben 25

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Kanonengasse 9-19

Kohlenberggasse 6

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Artist: Willi Hege (1907-1976)
Commissioned 1959

Kanonengasse 18

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Access from Leonhardstrasse; technically no longer a fountain as it has a tap attached, but was clearly a free flowing fountain originally.

Leonhardsstrasse 6

Leonhardsstrasse 8-1

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Leonhardsstrasse 3

Monday, 15 October 2012

Riehentorstrasse 5

Theodorskirchplatz 7-4

Theodorskirchplatz 7-3

Weiherweg 22

Theodorskirchplatz 7-2

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Rebgasse 70

Location: Courtyard by Theodore schoolhouse / Theodorskirchplatz 3 (walk through a gate) 
Artist / in: not available
In operation since: Unspecified
listed: no
History / Description: In the middle of the square stands the trough fountain column, from the tower on two sides water spouts.
Special: The fountain can be visited only on weekdays during the day (in school operations).

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Theodorskirchplatz 7

More InformationLocation: orphanage Theodorskirchplatz 7 (going through a big gate)
Artist: Balthasar Hüglin
In operation since: 1677 (figure) / water trough was changed in the meantime (Dated 1864)
listed: no
History / Description: On the inscription of the plaque on the fountain column is to recognize who the construction of this beautiful fountain is due to. The water trough leans against the old building. This group of figures is a mother with three children. The female figure represents Caritas, a personification of the toiling love (caritas is latin for Charity, one of the 3 virtues).
Special: The fountain can only be visited in the day.

Theodorsgraben 18

Theodorskirchplatz 3

More Information
Location: Theodorskirchplatz / Wettsteinstrasse
Artist: Alexander Zschokke
In operation since: 1955
listed since no
History: The fountain column, where there is a red and blue painted barrel with children, stands between the two stage water trough. On the pillar is the former Mayor of Basel and statesman Johann Rudolf Wettstein (1594 - 1666) who, with his skill brought about the Peace of Westphalia. He was a hunter and therefore his loyal dog sitting beside him. At the fountain is the inscription: "In memory of Mayor Johann Rudolf Wettstein 1594 - 1666 and to commemorate the union of small Basel and large Basel 1392".
Special: The fountain was supposed to be created in 1892, on the occasion of 500 years of association between large and small Basel, but instead of the required 90,000 CHF - CHF 8172 were all - together... It was not until the year 1954 that the money had come together with compounded interest.