Monday, 18 February 2013

Spalenvorstadt (Sozialberatung)


Holy Spirit Church (2), Thiersteinerallee


Holy Spirit Church, Thiersteinerallee

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Location: Courtyard of the Holy Spirit Church, Thiersteinerallee (walk through a gate) 51 
Artist / in: not available 
In operation since: Unspecified 
listed: no 
History / Description: The fountain is in the form of a clover. With direct sunlight the water seems to be golden. The Gargoyle is in the middle of the fountain. 
Special features: The Holy Spirit Church, in whose courtyard the fountain stands, was opened in 1912. The well is only accessible during the day.

Thiersteinerallee / Güterstrasse

More Information
Location: corner Thiersteinerallee / Güterstrasse
Artist: Pink Bratteler In operation since: 1945
listed: no 
History / Description: The stone sculpture shows a boy standing on a round vat, which is fitted all round with animals and symbols. With this well is the fairy tale "Hans in Luck" by the Brothers Grimm: As a reward for his work, Hans receives from his master a piece of gold. He sets out thus on the long way home. Along the way he experiences various adventures. Among others with the animals, which can be seen on the trough. Ultimately, he comes without his gold at home. Because of his experiences on the road he is still happy. 
Special features: The Holy Spirit Church on the opposite side was opened in 1912. In their yard, it has a beautiful garden with a small fountain (Fountain leader reference 169).