Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Gotthelfschulhaus New

Artist: Alexander Zschokke (1894-1981)
Der Märchenprinz (Prince Charming) (1935)


Location: Courtyard by Gotthelf schoolhouse / against Gotthelfstrasse 46 / (go through a gate)
Artist / in: Unspecified
in operation since: Unspecified
under monument protection: no
History / Description: In both Gebäudeeinbuchtungen it has one of each of wells. The fountain column, from which rises an elaborate gargoyles on two sides, rounded finished top.
Special: In the vicinity is the Schützenmattpark where you can relax.


Location: (outdoor playground) Gotthelf schoolhouse / Gotthelf Platz 1, Gotthelfstrasse
Artist: Theo Lauritzen
in operation since: 1965
under monument protection: no
History / Description: The bronze sculpture shows a figure wearing on her head a fish. The fountain stone trough is rectangular. The Gotthelf square where the fountain stands was created in 1900.
Special: In the vicinity is the Schützenmattpark where you can relax.

Morgartenring 106

Location: Morgartenring, between houses 106 and 108 bus stop
Artist: Louis Weber
in operation since: 1923
under monument protection: no
History / Description: The stone sculpture shows a boy holding a sailing vessel in his hand. The water trough is rectangular and extends from the column a gargoyle.
Special: A small park invites you to linger. 


Sunday, 23 June 2013

Allschwilerstrasse Morgartenring Tramhaus

Location: Allschwilerstrasse
Artist / in: Unspecified 
in operation since around 1927 
under monument protection: no 
History / Description: The fountain whose water spouts projecting from the wall plate, leaning on a small house. The depot Allschwilerstrasse was opened in 1902 and 1927 further expanded. The fountain is still often used by drivers and the Public as a "source of refreshment." He has experienced in his lifetime many changes in the depot. From Zweiachsertram for articulated or permission that women may lead trams. 
Special: The fountain seems invulnerable and will hopefully also be able to experience the next tram generations.


Basilisk No. 13 - 1918

Hardstrasse 95

Basilisk No. 9 - 1966

Hardstrasse 73


Location: Sevogelplatz (corner Sevogelstrasse / Hard Road)
Artist: architects Vischer & Fueter
in operation since: 1884
under monument protection: no
History / Description: The three-trough fountain has three ornate, abutting pool. The column of the fountain is decorated with various patterns and is surmounted by a bud. The fountain was due to complaints of the people who were in the 1870s and 1880s with the former series well not happy and was chosen from a competition of 30 proposals.
Special: According to the book "Basel fountains of ancient and modern times" this fountain has an annual water consumption of 5'766 cubic meters.