Sunday, 17 June 2012

Steinenvorstadt 27

More Information
Location: Steinenvorstadt, before House 27
Artist / in: Balthasar Hüglin (suspected; Original) / Carl Gutknecht (1st copy)
In operation since: 1672 (original) / 1925 (copy) / 1968 (year) / 1994 (renovated)
listed: Yes, since 1915
History / Description: The fountain floor is divided into three parts. The lower section has masks and the middle part is decorated with cherubs. The upper part is fitted with a bunch of flowers and fruit. This fountain is crowned by a shield-bearer armed with sword. He is the Count of Thierstein named Oswald, who led the war of the Burgundian nobles against Charles the Bold. The sign of the four letters SPQP means "senatus populusque basiliensis" and indicates that the Council and the people who built the well. One side of the flag is the coat of arms "to weavers' guild" and the other decorated with the Baslerstab. In addition to the foot of the standard bearer is a hedgehog. Previously Igelbälge were used as a tool for the production of "gray cloth". The hedgehog is therefore to be found still on the weavers banner. Since 1925, the original of the fountain stick along with the standard bearer is kept in the Historical Museum.
Special: With one exception - in Schwyz - were from 18 Century no more fountains crowned with  standard-bearers in Switzerland.

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