Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Comments: Dated 1873
More Information
Location: Flower Rain, next house 24
Artist: Carl Gutknecht (4 replica of the figure)
In operation since: 1448 (original) / beginning of the 16th Century (first replica of the figure) / 1873 (all wells renewed) / 1911 (figure replaced by a copy) / 1953 (4 replica of the figure)

listed building: Yes, since 1915 

History / Description: Already since 1448 is the St. Urbans-wells in the same place. In 1873 the original due to the bad condition but had to be replaced by a copy. The fountain was on his list of the Vine and Wine welcomes people vividly as the patron saint. It is believed that is the figure of Pope Urban I, who died from 222 to 230 in the holy chair and sat a martyr. That it must be in plastic to a pope must be to recognize the three-piece crown Pope. Pope Urban I. has his own feast day of the middle period of the flowering vines, namely on 25 May By 1830, inexplicably stopped the custom of dressing up the plastic on this festive day, they decorate with flowers in one hand and a glass of white and give the other a glass of red wine. It rained all day not in this wine, it promised a good vintage. In 1911, the second was released into the replica of the Urban History Museum.

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