Sunday, 9 September 2012


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Location: corner Wettsteinallee / Schwörstadterstrasse (besides Roche Porte)
Artist: Willy Walther In operation since: 1962 / (since 1966 at this location)
listed: no
History / Description: Just two meters the pear-shaped stone stock is high. Below holds a stag beetle. The Glass-man stands on a sloping standing surface on pine branches and pine cones and supports his huge pipe with the right hand. Because of the strong wind, which blows up there, he has to hold on tight. Under the right elbow looks out a squirrel. They are characters from a fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff: A young Köhler, who is unhappy with his fate turns in mysterious pine wood for help to the Glass-man. To come up with the Glass-man contact, he had to recite the following Zaubersprüchlein: "Treasurer in the green pine forest - you been much a hundred years old - Yours is all land where fir stand - Lets you see only on Sundays children..." The Glass-man first appeared in the form of a squirrel, but a short time later to be transformed into the Glass-man. It granted the Köhler three wishes for the Köhler were nearly fatal.
Special: The Glass-man likes it here near the Black Forest Avenue, because it lives in the Black Forest.

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