Saturday, 17 March 2012

Magarethenpark (Basel-Stadt Border)

Comments: Commissioned 1955.
More Information
Location: The Margaret Park (walk through a gate) / input Frobenstrasse
Artist: P. Moillet 
In operation since: 1955 
listed: no
History / Description: The round well is marked by a stone sculpture. It provides the Loreley (a Rheinnixe the German legend) portraying the head she supports with both hands and her fish tail is erect. Two wells in the self-mounted fish spit water over them.
Special: The fountain is on the floor of the parish Binningen, which belongs to the canton of Basel-Country. This area was once part of a large estate, acquired by the Canton Basel-Stadt in 1896 by the Canton Basel-Country. In 1897 there was opened to the public.

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  1. ein wirklich schöner Park. Bei der Brunnenfigur habe ich mich immer gefragt, wen sie darstellt. Die Loreley, die soviel Unglück über die Rheinschiffer gebracht hat, ist eine gute Erklärung