Monday, 28 November 2011


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Location: Corner of Steinentorstrasse / Klosterberg
Artists / in: no information 
In operation since: 1758 (Sodbrunnen) / 1845 (running water) / 1901 (end Sodbrunnen) / 1964 (restored) 
listed building: Yes, since 1915 
History / Description: The three-piece fountain is crowned by a dome with a ball. In 1758 the well was put into operation as Sodbrunnen. The roof on four pillars fulfilled two purposes: First, it protected the sod from wind and weather, and secondly it was the bucket elevator device to be mounted solidly. In 1845, the well-Brunn drive attached to the cathedral, and he became the flowing fountain. By means of a stone slab was made ​​in 1901 for health reasons Sod finally sealed. In 1964 the fountain was restored. He was at the capital and at a bar gilding. 
Special: This is the last actual Sodbrunnen Basel. Already in 1869, management report had been made ​​aware that these important wells should be preserved for posterity. Even today, this is the original fountain of 1758, which is a special feature. Because most of the old wells have been submitted to the Historical Museum and replaced by copies. Even today, four lime trees standing at the four corners of the well. The former trees but had to be replaced due to illness in 1900.

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