Saturday, 7 January 2012


Comments: Next to the Kunstmuseum. There seem to be many mini-nozzles in the sculpted base.
More Information
Location: Corner of St. Alban ditch / Dufourstrasse (the Art Museum)
Artist: Alexander Zschokke (complete figure / well) in 1935 (well lower part) / 1941: 
In operation since 
listed: no 
History: In Basel there are some wells, of which no one knows who she has ever made ​​or designed. To forestall a "forgetting" the name of the creator, has been named this well after his creator. On the edge of the well three water spouts are attached. In the middle is a bronze bowl, in which several non-visible water spouts are mounted on an iron pedestal stands. At this there have been numerous animal and human figures, molded from their mouths water. On the pedestal are three male figures from different periods of life. The young man looks into the vastness of the world on the Rhine, who united, plays the flute and a bit dreamy in the world is watching, is classified to moderate age-limit of puberty. The third man is an old man, whose head is crowned with laurels.
Special: The Fountain with 80 cm high rim holds 50,000 liters of water. The bronze top bowl has a diameter of four meters and is the largest ever in Switzerland in one piece molded shell. The tank bottom has a diameter of nine meters and was cast in concrete. In addition, it has been clothed with natural stones.

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